Monday 18 July 2016

Back to my routine...

Hello all,

Thanks for your comments and wishes on my last post . I was away for some time because Anshita was down with chicken pox and was at home for more than two weeks :( She is fine now and since she was vaccinated earlier so she was moderately affected . She started going to school from today . But all this happened when Raj was on his US trip and I was alone to struggle with and she missed her school tests as well :(  When he was back , I got cold and fever so I took rest and read books . 

I  was working on crochet cushion which I will share in next blog post . Here are the remaining pictures of my family trip to Australia .

In Melbourne , we stayed in an apartment type hotel in a 2 bedroom apartment suite with all the facilities in kitchen . Although I did not cook but we could order Indian food online there .

Views from the sit out of the apartment and also from the bedroom window

Melbourne exhibition building
The Science Museum next to it was very nice and there was a Jurassic world exhibition at that time which had many giant dinosaur robots . If anyone is a dinosaur fan, I will share the videos .

We could not visit this church because of timings and most of our trips were Full day and outside Melbourne 

The apartment we stayed in

We visited Phillip island near Melbourne to see 'Penguin Parade' where every evening hundreds of  penguins return to their nests . We saw them from underground covered area which was the nearest you could see . Photography was not allowed there . These are the pics from their app . These penguins are the smallest of the species known as Little Penguin and are around 13 inches in height . It was nice seeing them walk into their nests in natural habitat .

They looked like Penguin babies , so cute :)

Melbourne cricket ground . A visit to cricket ground is always a part of an Indian's itinerary :)

We went on the Great ocean road trip to 12 apostles . We hired a private cab for the day .

Source : Internet

On the way we stopped over to see people surfing on the waves

and a light house

There was an area through the village where you can feed wild parrots .

12 apostles...not all can be captured together in a shot . The weather was nice and cool . Good for us as we were visiting after our hot summer in India.

I liked this place a lot !:)
There was a helicopter ride too but since we were running late we did not go for it .

I am done with the sight seeing pics from Australia although there are still lots of pics left unsorted . I have shared my yarn shopping and will share my craft books shopping along with my crochet project in the next post . 

Thanks for seeing !! Will soon visit your blogs .
Have a creative week ahead!
Preeti :)


  1. Good to have you back. You were missed. Hope Anshita and you recover soon.
    Lovely pics from Melbourne. Penguins are my favourite animals , I would love to visit the Penguin parade sometime.Yes no trip is complete without a visit to MCC. My friend also said the same thing about 12 Apostles-can't be captured in one picture. The place really looks breath taking.

  2. Hope you are both on the mend!
    Lovely pictures of your trip...especially those cute penguins!

  3. Seems like you had fun with your family !!!
    Great pictures !
    Have a nice week !

  4. Good to hear from you and so sorry to hear Anshita caught chicken pox, and I'm glad she did not suffer too much. A lot of work for you though, and hope you're both well recovered now. Beautiful photos, the penguins are awesome!

  5. Looks like a great trip Preeti. Glad Anshita is better.


  6. Wow, my dear friend, you have experienced a beautiful vacation with the family!
    Thank you for sharing! I really like!

  7. Your family photos at the end of the post are especially wonderful, Preeti :) I am sorry to learn that Anshita and you have been ill, but glad that you are better! Thanks for sharing your wonderful travels with us. I am glad you had a good trip...and I look forward to your next crafting supply report :) xxxxxx

  8. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm glad to hear you are safely home. I was so sorry to hear about you and your daughter being so ill. My daughter also had the chicken pox as a teenager. She was quite miserable and also missed testing. I have so enjoyed all your trip photos. thanks for sharing them with the blogging community. I did love the pictures by the water!

  10. Enjoyed seeing your photos. Sounds like you had a great time in Australia. Glad that Anshita is better now.

  11. Good to see lovely snaps from your trip. Glad that Anshita's chicken pox didn't trouble her much ...i know it would have been a detour from your usual routine. Waiting to see your gorgeous finishes..

  12. I hope you're both feeling better now :)

  13. Great pictures from your trip. The penguins are adorable

  14. Sad to hear about yours and Anshitha. Good to hear you both are better now. At least you got some time to read :))) Melbourne looks so awesome in your pics.

  15. Sad to hear about yours and Anshitha. Good to hear you both are better now. At least you got some time to read :))) Melbourne looks so awesome in your pics.

  16. A wonderful tour, Preeti, thanks for sharing the pics! Sorry to hear that you two were so sick, all the best!! Hugs, Nata

  17. Breathtaking views, even the view from the apartment is awesome. Those penguins are so adorable! Glad you're both feeling better now:)

  18. Poor Anshita, we don't vaccinate for chickenpox here and it can be quite miserable and itchy too!
    Looks like a lovely holiday but how funny to go to Australia for cooler weather!
    Love the little penguins, another thing you don't associate with Australia but very sweet to see.

  19. beautiful pics, your daughter crossed you already!!! penguins were so cute

  20. Oh my.. Is it Anshita? She grew up so much!!! taller than you.. much taller! :))) I am glad you had such a nice trip - must be loads of new impressions!


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