Wednesday 20 July 2016

Colorful Crochet and Craft books

Thank you for reading my last post and being there for me in my happy and frustrated moments .

Here is what I completed recently , a colorful crochet cushion with the Heirloom cotton yarn that I purchased recently from Australia . This is the fastest ever use of my stash :)

The yarn was very very soft to work with and I used 4 mm hook . The stitch pattern is from here .
This is just the front part , I don't crochet the back and I sew fabric cushion (front -white and back - printed) to attach it onto . I also need to sew regular fabric cushions with some patchwork thrown in which I haven't done before . I am in dire need of good cushions in the drawing room and I am not purchasing new ones as it will deter me from making a new ones . The cushions at my home usually get tossed off to next empty sofa/chair and if made by me then they are given a little care and respect while tossing off . My family doesn't want cushions and I cannot do away with the things that have opportunities to showcase my creativity .

Now the last part of my shopping to envy you all.....the craft books :)

There is a shop named 'Can do Books ' in Melbourne which stocks only craft, cooking and gardening books , I guess all the hobbies. I came to know about it from a blogpost on Melbourne Craft shops that I shared earlier .

Books - I liked this display area :)


and lots of books 

Here is my loot :)

Designer Crochet by Shannon Mullett - Bowlsby
Blue print Crochet sweaters by Robin Chachula

Origami Master class by various artists and geometric origami papers for Anshita

Reversible color crochet by Laurinda Reddig
Crochet Pillows with Tunisian techniques by Sharon H Silverman

Crocheting on the edge by Nicky Epstein

Old fashioned doilies to crochet by Rita Weiss
Simply Adorable Crochet by Maki Oomaci

Macrame by Kat Hartmann
Pincushion Appeal by Cecile McPeak and Rachel Martin

Sardinian knotted embroidery by Yvette Stanton

I could have purchased these at a less price online but then I rarely get to feel so many craft books in hands and all at one place because we don't get needlework books in stores here . So I indulged myself  :)

I also got Cross stitch magazines from a magazine store (with only magazines on two floors) , they aren't available everywhere but the owner of the Can do books store told us when I asked for Australia's 'Inspirations' embroidery magazine .
Cross Stitch Crazy - June and July issues (I got in May)
The World of cross stitching - issue 240

Unfortunately , I could not find the embroidery magazine there but got some patchwork quilting magazine with offer 3 for 1.

On Sydney airport , I bought another magazine , 'Homespun,' published from Australia .

So this is the end of my vacation related stuff and Yay I did complete this time . Most of the time I lost track after two vacation posts .

I liked Australia trip very much . It was relaxed as at many places we went with my mother's speed and enjoyed places than rushing into to cover everything . People were helpful everywhere -  rangers in the wild life park and penguin parade, guides at the Opera house and lot of other places we visited . Most of our travel was with private cabs and we met two nice and friendly cab service owners who drove us to Blue mountain tour near Sydney and Great ocean road(12 Apostles) near Melbourne . I am telling specifically because we would usually have lot of queries pertaining to lifts , walking distance , special facilities for seniors because of my mother's knee problem and they patiently answered all . I loved the weather as well , it was the beginning of winters and not too cool . You must sure visit once :)

I have signed for Ravellenic games for a group I follow on Ravelry which will begin from 5th August . I need to complete five crochet cushion fronts , out of which , one is done and second is also almost nearing completion . On cross stitch front , I am learning to use the Cross Stitch DP software that I got on my Birthday .

Have a nice day!


  1. Wow, gorgeous books! I really envy you :)
    I recently bought Crocheting on the Edge. Also placed an order for Around the corner crochet borders, but that is yet to arrive. Books are just wonderful, no?
    Your cushion cover is simply super. Looks neat and cheerful.
    Hope dear Anshita is feeling much better now.
    I am preoccupied with my son's Masters admission so things on the crafty front are going very slow.

  2. The cushion is lovely. Yes i know what you mean by fastest use of stash..I have a tendency to keep things I buy, for years before I use it.
    Wow you got yourself a collection of books. May be a library is in making.
    Good to know that people were friendly in Australia.

  3. Your cushion is beautiful. They always end up chucked on the floor in my house too.
    That is a fabulous haul of craft books

  4. Gosh really envy all those marvellous craft books, we can´t find many on sale here either and they are so expensive to send for. Gorgeous cushion, such pretty colours.

  5. What a lovely cushion, Preeti!
    I'm positively drooling over your book stash! The doily one is on my wishlist at an online bookstore here....and so is Yvette's newest book about hardanger. The one you've got on edgings (the Nicky Epstein one) looks very interesting....going to see if I can track it down here!

  6. What a very pretty cushion!
    I love the design and the colours you've used... bright and happy :)

  7. Wow, I love your cushion, Preeti, it's fantastic! ♥ Thanks for the pattern link. And what a treasure box that bookshop is, you picked a wonderful collection! Enjoy your new books & magazines :-). Sunny greetings, Nata

  8. A really lovely cushion !!!!!!!
    And great create...and create...and create...
    Have a nice day !

  9. Great summer colours your cushion and so nicely done. Happy reading Alice Margaux.

  10. Preeti, crochet pillow is nice, I like the color!
    Bookstore in Melbourne is great, huge! I like books :-)
    Great selection of books with crafts, ready for us to paradise :-)

  11. So many wonderful books! They should keep you busy for a while :) Love your cushion, the colours are wonderful.

  12. Wow! So many wonderful books! Your cushion is lovely :)

  13. You know me well, craft books are the way to my heart :-) Love the cushion!

  14. My goodness, you must have taken all their books, LOL. Great purchase! Love the flower origami. Have fun crafting...til next trip:)

  15. Great post Preeti. Lovely birthday gifts and lots of fun new books.


  16. My daughter wants a cushion like this:)
    Beautiful stash. Have a great creative time with them.

  17. A amizade nos faz ver o mundo com olhos novos.
    Feliz dia do amigo!!!!!
    Beijos Marie.

  18. Your cushion is beautiful, Preeti! What fun to get to check out that book store and purchase some books. Great choices! :)

  19. Wow! What fantastic stash and I love that finish on your cushion. Good work to use up something so quickly and in such a pretty way.

  20. Lovely cushion Preeti..

    Your craft book collection is awesome...

  21. Wow! You picked up such great books, Preeti--they will keep you busy for a long, long time :) I'm so glad your trip to Australia went well--it is definitely on my list!

    Love your pastel colored cushion!

  22. Your pillow is so pretty! I know what you mean about how some people treat pillows! What a wonderful trip. I have heard from friends that it is a great place to visit. What an amazing book store!Thanks for sharing the trip with all of us!

  23. Lovely cushion and how nice to find a use for the yarn so quickly.
    I love that bookshop, I want to visit now!

  24. I love your cushion - very pretty! And I'm afraid pillows get the same treatment in my house. : ) You sure came away with lots of wonderful books and magazines! I think it is nice and necessary to indulge ourselves every now and again.

  25. I love your cushion Preeti the colours are lovely, I need some new ones too but like you I don't want to buy any when I can make them. I'm so jealous those craft books look amazing, you will have hours of pleasure looking through those. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  26. Colorful cushion Preeti. I envy your book purchases:)), how did you manage bring them to India I wonder??

  27. Ahoj Preeti,
    háčkovaný vankúš je krásny, páči sa mi, ako je farebný.
    Páčia sa mi aj tie krásne časopisy na výšivanie, u nás nie sú a ak sú, sú veľmi drahé.
    Prajem Ti krásne leto!

    Very beautiful!!!

  28. The cushion looks very very pretty:) Good to see you got so many books... :)) they all look so amazing & worth buying :)

  29. Gorgeous cushion cover dear .very unique design! Loved reading about your travel adventure and glad you had a good time :)

  30. Beautiful books! So nice to read about your trip to Australia. Am I to expect you in NZ soon? :)) I hope you plan to come here as well.
    the cushion cover is lovely. I hope Anshita is alright now.

  31. Lovely crochet cushion. And the I'm envious of you, looking at the crochet books you are owning now.:) Waiting to see some more crochet work from you.

  32. I am so pleased that you enjoyed your holiday in Aus! We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful country... next time I hope you make it over to the Western side of the country as it is way better than the East Coast!!! LOL!! :o)
    Love your crocheted cushion - the colours are gorgeous. Your haul of craft books is pretty impressive as well!
    Hugs xx

  33. The crocheted cushion looks so lovely, Preeti. Nice craft book haul. Glad to know you had a wonderful time in Australia:)

  34. Your new cushion looks really great.
    A book shop just dedicated to craft books sounds like paradise. I'm sure I'd spend hours in there and would come out with lots of new books. I also love your new magazine haul.

  35. I am so happy you found such a great supply of patterns, Preeti! The cushion cover you made is really beautiful! Long ago I used large canvas and thick yarn to make needlepoint pillow covers which was fun. xx

  36. super awesome shopping. I also prefer a slow calm vacation rather than rushing to all places just to mark it 'covered'. its nice to take a moment to enjoy the place. and again awesome cushion cover


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