Thursday 18 May 2017

Crochet doily and Cross stitch progress

Thanks for your comments on my last post . I completed blocking two doilies , here is a small black doily from the book series , ' A year of doilies ' book 5. Made with size 20 Anchor crochet thread, it measures 10 inches across .

My Kitty Litter project is on track and I worked on it in the first week of May . Although I couldn't make progress as I wished for but still it's good

After : Completed the leftmost kitty


My belated Bday gifts from Raj - I got the Soda cross stitch 'Elf Garden' (from Soda Stitch Indonesia) in March and a new iPhone 7 plus in April . I have started working on the cross stitch :)

I got some fabric stash few weeks back of different varieties to understand working with those , maybe , in distant future :D 

Crepe silk , Rayon and velvet fabrics

Cotton printed

Jute and Handloom cotton printed

Woolen printed fabrics

I got these online from

Happy crafting !!


  1. Lovely Birthday gifts. The kitties are growing nicely, and I am in awe of your crochet doily

  2. Your kitties are getting big, Preeti! Wonderful progress and such a pretty black doily :) Isn't it fun to add new fabrics to your stash?! Lovely gifts--my iPhone is the same pretty color, but not as new as yours--enjoy!

  3. Aww I love the crochet pretty
    The birthday gifts are so pretty and the kitties are super sweet
    I love you x

  4. Lovely doily and you are making nice progress on your cross stitch kitties. Great stuff!

  5. Lovely gifts Preeti. A very pretty doily and nice progress on the kitties.


  6. Lovely fabrics. Soda Stitch really have become very popular this year, such cute designs.
    The kitties look so sweet too.

  7. Beautiful doily and nice work on the kitty! Lovely birthday gifts and fabric as well.

  8. Your doily is just beautiful! Love all the kitties. That must be hard to stitch with all the colors. It will be such a fun design. The fabrics are great and what a nice birthday gift for a stitcher. Just right!

  9. Beautiful Doily & your cross stitch kittens are looking so cute :)

  10. Oh wow I love the fabrics Preeti, your doily is lovely and that Kitty cross stitch is so cute, fabulous birthday gifts too you lucky girl! have a great weekend. :) xx

  11. Your stitching is amazing, Preeti. I admire your work and look forward to seeing how you use your pretty new material. You and I now have matching iPhones! xx

  12. Black doily looks indeed fantastic as well as kitties ♥Great progress.

    Fabrics look fabulous too♥

  13. I love the doily! And aren't those kitties cute! Having four cats I may be a little partial to stitched kitty pieces. : ) Your fabrics are beautiful - I love all of the bright colors!

  14. Wow, your Kitty project is so adorable!

  15. Love the doily and new stash.

  16. The doily is gorgeous. Good progress on the Kitty project. Lovely new fabrics and pattern.

  17. Love the prints.


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