Tuesday 30 May 2017

Another finish and a lovely exchange ! :))

Thanks for your comments on my last post !!

I have a cross stitch finish to share today which was meant for an exchange long due with my friend Mini from Miniz Diary . She received yesterday and now I am free to post about it :)

Blue tit cross stitch collection 2013

Cross stitch 'Blue bird' by Lesley Teare from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection April 2013 issue .

I framed it but unfortunately the glass frame didn't survive the long journey :(

We agreed for two handmade items but I forgot to take the pictures of the second handmade which is a crochet heart hanging . These are my goodies that I had sent .

Buttons, burlap ribbons, mini easel, sketched card from Goa and a set of cookie cutters

I received Mini's gifts a week ago . She made her first lovely Biscornu  for me and now it is mine first too :) And her knitting coasters are soft and sweet as well! Thank you Mini !!

She pampered me with lots of goodies which don't fit into one screen shot .....:)

linen and cotton fabric, mill hill kit, postcard, earrings
Needle minder and a scissor fob - both made by her

Lovely stationery and a crochet needle organizer which she got custom made
And yes, a spice mix also but I couldn't take pics as I already opened it

I enjoyed the exchange a lot and was happy to do it because we (read I ) had been missing deadlines with some or the other reasons :) Thank you Mini for the wonderful gifts !! Looking forward to see more exchanges in future .

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Wow everything is so beautiful
    I love then so much
    Big hugs x

  2. Your embroidery is gorgeous !!!!!!! Love it !!!!!!!
    Lovely exchange !
    Have a nice day or evening !

  3. What a lovely Lesley Teare design you stitched...it's so pretty! What beautiful gifts sent and received. What a great exchange!

  4. Great exchange Preeti. Your stitched piece is gorgeous.


  5. What a lovely exchange! Your gifts are wonderful and so are the things you got from Mini. Enjoy your new treasures :-)

  6. You've send lovely gifts both! Your emboidery is really gorgeous!

  7. How nice it is to exchange gifts with others! enjoy your goodies.

  8. Dear Preeti, your sewn piece is beautiful! I really like!
    Great exchange!

  9. What a nice gift exchange!! I love the bird, it is beautiful!

  10. What a lovely exchange! Well done both of you.

  11. The blue bird finish is beautiful!!! A lot of time and effort went into this project.

  12. The Blue Birds turned out beautifully!I am sure it was worth the wait. She sent you a gorgeous biscornu too! What gorgeous gifts too on both your parts.

  13. Beautiful gifts back and forth and love the cross stitch! Lovely work.

  14. A fun exchange and lovely gifts on both parts. Love the bluebird design, a lot of work and backstitching went into that - gorgeous.

  15. Wow, it looks so lovely.

  16. The birdie cross-stitch is so beautiful! Nice to see that you and Mini were able to finally work out a swap. You both gave and received such lovely gifts.

  17. Wow! Preeti, your piece for Mini is lovely--a lot of patience and time went into that one! So glad your exchange went well and you both enjoyed what was received :)

  18. I've already seen the photos on Mini's blog but it's nice to see them again! It was a great exchange, you both received some lovely gifts.

  19. Oh my, Preeti, your stitched piece for Mini is just a dream. Lesley Teare's designs always make great gifts. I also love the biscornu that Mini stitched for you. What a wonderful exchange with lots of great goodies.

  20. Thank you for such a lovely exchange. The bird wall hanging is now up on my wall, I adore its beauty daily. I have said this before but I will again say, your choice of colors is so lively that it brightens my day.
    I'm glad you liked the goodies I sent.

  21. Gorgeous cross stitch finish and lovely to see all the swap goodies


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