Wednesday 5 September 2012

Floral Fiesta

Hello to all!

This is my first post on my blog. I had earlier tried to fix an auspicious time to kick start this activity. But, the problem was, there were many such self-decided muhurats(auspicious time) which flashed off with many excuses. I hope I will continue blogging once I set myself into this ride :)

Since I have picked up back my creative hobbies recently after a long hiatus, I will share my old creations too. I like more of crocheting than any other, but I have a wandering mind and a creative anxiety disorder to get into all things at a time.

Below is one of my Cross Stitch project which took me two months time to complete. It is actually a rose border, from the book 'Embroideries and Patterns from 19th century Vienna' by Raffaella Serena. But, considering it as a mega project I cut it short to make a table runner. I did not plan and started working on the 11 count aida fabric that was left over at home. It would have been more precise if done on 14 count.

Isn't it gorgeous? It is not finished yet. I had embroidered it after leaving my job last year. I still have to attach a fabric lining at the back and would either frame it or just leave it with a fabric border. I wanted a royal blue background and my fabric was a lemon yellow. I just filled it with long stitches which I did not like much. But after completing it just gave a look of a mat, so overall it enhanced the foreground picture.
Thank you for going through my blog and posts. Hope you enjoyed it!

Warm regards,


  1. Hi Preethi,

    Welcome to the beautiful blogosphere....nice blog, waiting for your more works, All the very best...
    Keep going,


  2. Welcome to blogosphere...Good luck.
    One word I can say " Wonderful blog"


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