Monday 17 September 2012

Embroidered fabric greeting card!

This is one of the experimenting projects of mine done some 8 years back .  A gift for my hubby, Raj, on his Birthday - An embroidered fabric greeting card with an envelope too!

Let’s open it :)

It is mostly done with closed herringbone stitch including the text . To give a glittery effect, I enhanced it with mirror work .  For base, I chose red coloured fabric which is symbolic to love .  Since lot of effort has gone into making, I am going to treasure this for lifetime .  But, I feel I can do much cleaner embroidery now than I did on this .

It took me 4 months to complete the card . It ideally should have taken not more than 3 weeks time . Why I took it so long was because I embroidered this when my daughter was 6 months old . She used to doze off for 30 min after every 2-3 hrs of energetic crawling and disarranging my kitchen cabinets which were at her reach .  It was a secretly done project and I was confident about it as my daughter dutifully kept it hush-hush from her Dad :). She tried to tell him something by showing him bits and pieces of leftover threads, but he could not trace the treasure as the sight of threads scattered around was not new to him .

I could not go out and purchase the much needed materials as there was no one to look after my daughter . I had to do with whatever available at home .  Some part of the card has now got an imprint of crayons on top, how and when, no idea . I cannot wash this card as there is a drawing sheet encased in the fabric to give it a minimal flexibility and support . But, in all, it looked attractive to him and he was happy to have this unique gift:))

Hope you liked it :)

Looking forward to a blog-full week ahead!



  1. Yes, it's absolutely a unique gift! The card you made for your husband is really beautiful, can see lots of love you have put in. Your hubby surely loved it! Well, 4 months for a card, lots of hard work that pays off!
    Thank you for stopping by - I appreciate your kind words.
    Take care and best,

  2. It is very nice. Great work

  3. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried to email you but said it couldn't be delivered. I was going to tell you how I block my doilies and if you are still interested please feel free to email me at and I will try to explain it to you. Blessings

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful gift to your husband! He will cherish it, I am sure! You did such a beautiful job! Happy birthday to your husband!

    1. Thank you for the wishes and your appreciation :) this was made on his birthday, that was 8 years back, his birthday is yet to come this year.

  5. Oh my God. Very very beautiful card. Me too thought of embroider something for him on his birthday but no idea came what to do?
    Really really wonder ful preeti.


  6. Hi Pretti,
    The card is looking so lovely. Unique and nicely worded :-)

  7. Really lovely card, preeti.Your husband is lucky.I know why the project took so long to finish.When my son was a toddler, I used to do glass painting-just waiting for him to take afternoon naps, but he would only doze off for at most 15 minutes.It took ages to complete one project.

  8. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing with us!


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