Thursday 6 September 2012

Great mind at work Yoo Hoo!

Knock, knock...Whoo's there?

My owlet computer cover project was completed few months back.

I like embroidering the cute owlets. This one was a free hand drawing which I did on monitor cover and I just randomly scribbled 'Touch me Not' for the keyboard cover.


The embroidery stitches I used are the simple ones. Most of them are in chain and stem stitch. The leaves of the tree are in closed fishbone stitch. The owlet feathers are done in satin stitch.
I used 6 strands to give the Braids effect.

Well the owlet seems to be happy since then, it hoots on all through the night !
Please drop in your comments if you liked it. I need those badly to promote my new blog.
Hoot Hoot Hoot, let the comments boot boot boot :)
and... for that...
I am Up, the whole night !
Preeti :)



  1. Vow...lovely owl...liked the quality of work and Color selection..nice work

  2. Hi Preeti
    Welcome to the blog world. Like the quote u have on the top of the page. I also embroider, crochet and do things that satisfies me and make me happy. though I am not working I can say I am more happier than my friends who r working in mnc's because of these crafts and needle work. Happy that I have got one more reader for my page.

    Shami Immanuel.

  3. Love it. You are truly gifted.

  4. Wow that's too cute preeti. I think you have so many stuff in your blog page which I have not seen.


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